7th April 2017



There will be 2 types of presentations at BSGC2017: Oral and Poster.


The presentation schedules will be posted here once selection is complete. Invited participants and successful walk-in registrants will also be informed of their presentation slot in the Acceptance Package. Oral presenters should take note of their session number, research focus number and presenter number; poster presenters should note their session number and board number.

Details will be available around 14 Nov 2017.

Rules & Important Information

All presenters should familiarize themselves with the important information and rules below.

Oral Presentations

Important Info  A. There will be 5 sessions over two days: Sessions 1-3 on Day 1 (19th Dec) and Sessions 4 & 5 on Day 2 (20th Dec).
 B. 4 presentations will run concurrently, one from each Research Focus, held in either the main auditorium or the seminar rooms.
 C. Presenters will be provided with a laptop/computer, all projection equipment, and a clicker/laser pointer.
Rules  A. Presentation timings will be STRICTLY adhered to.

  • Presenters have a strict maximum of 10 minutes for their presentation, following which the chair of the session will politely step in. Session chairpersons will provide timing cues at the 5-minute and 9-minute marks.
  • This will be followed by a Q&A session for 3 minutes, or until 13 minutes have elapsed from the start time of the presentation.
 B. Presenters must use the laptop provided; usage of personal laptops/tablets is not allowed.
 C. Presentations should be uploaded at the designated station using your own thumb drive by 7 pm on the day before the scheduled presentation. Look out for the signage.

  • Oral presentations on Day 1 (19th Dec): to be uploaded during Registration and Check-in on 18th Dec.
  • Oral presentations on Day 2 (20th Dec): to be uploaded at any time on Day 1 before 7 pm.
 D. Presentations must be in .ppt or (preferably) .pptx format.
 E. Presentation file names should follow this naming format:

  • [Session No.]_[Research Focus]_[Presenter No.]_[Presenter Name]_[Presentation Title].pptx
  • Example 1: “3_2_1_EmmaWatson_UnleashingTheBeastInYou.pptx” – for Emma Watson who is presenting her talk “Unleashing The Beast In You” and is the 1st presenter in Session 3 for the Biodiversity, Ecology, and Environmental Biology research focus (Research Focus 2).
  • Example 2: “1_4_6_LeeChongWei_HowToBeASmashingSuccess.pptx” – for Lee Chong Wei who is presenting his talk “How To Be A Smashing Success” and is the 6th presenter in Session 1 for the Biotechnology and Computational Biology research focus (Research Focus 4).

Research Foci numbering:

  1. Biochemistry and Biophysical Sciences
  2. Biodiversity, Ecology and Environmental Biology
  3. Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
  4. Biotechnology and Computational Biology
 F. Presentations must incorporate an “In a Nutshell” element.


Poster Presentations

Important Info  A. There will be 2 poster presentation sessions: one per day held after lunch, each lasting one hour.
 B. Presenters will be provided with poster boards and mounting material (velcro tape and pins).
Rules  A. The maximum allowed width and height of the posters will be updated by 31 Oct 2017. Posters may be designed in portrait or landscape orientation so long as their dimensions are within the stated limits.
 B. Posters should be set up by 9 am and taken down by 6 pm on the day of the session.

  • Poster presentations on Session 1 (Day 1, 19th Dec): to be put up before 9 am on 19th Dec and taken down before 6 pm on 19th Dec.
  • Poster presentations on Session 2 (Day 2, 20th Dec): to be put up before 9 am on 20th Dec and taken down before 6 pm on 20th Dec.
 C. Posters must incorporate an “In a Nutshell” element.


Awards & Prizes

A panel of judges composed of the faculty from all the invited universities will assess all oral and poster presentations throughout the Congress based on:

Scores will be collated and normalized, and the following awards will be presented during the Congress Gala Dinner:

  • Best Overall Oral Presentation
  • Best Overall Poster Presentation
  • Top 2 Oral Presentations from each Research Focus
  • Top 2 Poster Presentations from each Research Focus

The decisions made by the judges and Congress Secretariat are final.