23rd May 2017


Silver Sponsors


Sponsor BSGC2017 today!

Come and be a sponsor of BSGC2017! As this is a student-run event, we rely heavily on sponsorships to make the event possible. The sponsored funds will be used exclusively for the Congress and the conference-related expenses of the participants.

To help you to reach young researchers from around ASEAN and beyond, we are proud to announce 4 Sponsorship Tiers with a range of attractive benefits: Platinum (S$5,000 and above); Gold (S$2,000 to S$4,999); Silver (S$1,000 to S$1,999); and Bronze (below S$1,000).

You may give a General Sponsorship or a Specific Sponsorship targeted at an event or item. Please consult our Sponsorship Prospectus for details on how you can help make BSGC2017 a success both for the participants and for your organisation.

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To arrange your sponsorship, or for more details on non-monetary sponsorships or the Congress, email us at bsgc2017@nus.edu.sg or contact Ian Chan at +65-6601-2517